Lillian Weber School of the Arts - PS 84


Our second year at PS84 with another group of great, vibrant 5th grade girls. Working on challenging word problems, introduction to algebra, and playing fun games like SET, these girls are so excited to learn!

St Mark the Evangelist School


In our first year at St Mark we have a group of fun, spirited 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. All with great energy and big smiles, these girls love to learn and are having fun doing it. Working on new ideas and ways to approach word problems, they are learning new skills each week!


Second Year GLAM Girls at Goddard Community Center

GLAM Girls Reunite! In their second year of GLAM, these girls are picking up right where they left off but a year older and a year smarter! Meeting every weekend at the Goddard Community Center, these girls are back in the swing of GLAM and sharing their new math skills from their new middle schools!