My name is Tessa Wayne and I love math. I love the problem solving aspects of math and the feeling I get when I solve a difficult problem. I love challenging puzzles and the logic that goes into math. No matter where you are, math is the same and it can connect people from all over the place. I have always been interested in math and I am acutely aware of how very fortunate I have been to attend a school where there have been lots of opportunities for me to take advanced math classes and math electives - with great teachers. However, as I get older, there are fewer and fewer girls in my math classes. I found this to be interesting and concerning so I did some investigating. My research indicated that girls start to lose interest (or confidence) in math in middle school, especially in underrepresented schools. I want to help these young girls develop confidence and a passion for math and sustain it. Education is the great equalizer and I hope to increase gender fairness. So I created GLAM - Girls Learning Advanced Math. 

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