Tessa Wayne


Tessa Wayne is the founder and creator of GLAM. Tessa has always loved math and observed at an early age that there were a lot more boys involved in math than girls. At math contests, and in her math classes, she was often one of very few or the only girl in the class. The summer after her High School sophomore year, 2018, Tessa started GLAM to share her passion for math with young girls. GLAM is currently in several middle schools in New York City and Tessa is implementing GLAM plans for nearby metropolitan areas as well. Tessa is currently a freshman at Stanford University and plans to bring GLAM with her to neighboring schools near Palo Alto. Tessa is also an avid athlete - she has been on both her High School Varsity Basketball team and High School Varsity Softball team since 7th grade, leading both teams to multiple championships. Tessa scored her 1000th Varsity High School point in Basketball in her sophomore year, she now holds the all-time Varsity scoring record at her school with 1720 career points, and she pitched two undefeated league seasons in Softball. When not playing sports, Tessa loves KenKen puzzles and has competed in the International KenKen contest. Tessa hopes to break down stereotypes about girls in both math and sports.